2022 Global Accessibility Awareness Day

One of the biggest myths in accessibility is that you need to be an accessibility expert to make a difference.

There is an estimated 1 Billion people around the world with a disability. There’s so much we can do to tidy up our end of the digital beach.

All you need to do is believe that someone with a disability must be able to experience the digital world in the same way as those without disabilities. You can empower yourself to make a difference.

According to WebAIM that analyzed a million home pages, 98.1% home pages fail with atleast one WCAG 2.0. How about we fix the ones on the page we are building today? Not because we were asked to but because we want to. Because we cannot not do.

On this Global Accessibility Awareness Day, I’m asking myself- What am I doing to make My world more accessible?

One of the simplest ways to promote accessibility is to communicate your commitment to your audience. I am no expert in accessibility but I believe in a level playing field for all. Hence, I commit to 30 days of learning/ sharing/ doing my part to make My world more accessible.

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