2021 Word of the Year

Dictionary.com’s 2021 Word of the Year was Allyship.

For a world coming out of the pandemic, the Oxford selection was “vax”.

What’s interesting though, is how unlike other -ship words (friendship, scholarship, citizenship..)..

Allyship is not about the ally.

“All too often, we confuse allyship for speaking for those who do not have a voice, when it is really about using your voice to give those people their own platform to speak.”

Allyship is not about the (perceived) credibility the ally builds by standing up for others.

Allyship is action focused.

Allyship creates Friction. Because to realign, one must challenge and Interrupt dynamics.

So, what’s in it for the ally?

At the minimum, as an accomplice, an ally obtains the opportunity to grow and learn while building trust based relationships.

What are your thoughts on allyship?

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