AI Curator

Museum visits are not what it used to be. Safe distance is kept no longer just with the exhibits but also between the limited attendees and even limited curators. But the experience has not deterred. Maybe got a little better, I’d think.

Ever looked at an exhibit wondering what the backstory behind the art piece was? What other works has the same artist made? Etc. To find out, bring along your personal #AI curator!

Smartify is a free app downloadable on the Google Play and Apple App Store. Sort of a cross between Spotify and Shazam.

Using image-recognition software, the app uses your phone’s camera to scan and identify artworks, then surfaces text and audio commentary about the piece. Scanned art is saved in your own Smartify digital collection (like your playlist). You can refer to it later, even long after you’ve left the museum.

“It’s that storytelling that turns looking at an artwork into a memorable experience and creates a unique connection with the artwork.” Your personalized guide to a museum or gallery!

App details in the comments.

Image: The app telling me a bit more about a Vincent Van Gogh piece.

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