Unfear Failures

Growing up, this little girl didn’t fear cockroaches or horror tales. She feared failure. She feared failing the people she loved, subject tests, competitions.. life. Like most kids her age, she wasn’t trained to talk about failure. Perhaps trained not to talk about it much.

In a system that had little tolerance for failure, she did well for herself at school and graduated her master’s as a Gold Medalist. She was campus placed in one of the top MNCs in the country. Without significant breaks, she progressed in her career. That’s what the world saw; that’s what she wished they saw.

Inside, she fought to evade the universal and inevitable failures that befell her, day in and day out.

Today, to all the little girls, she wishes to say, “Embrace your failures”. Some of these can’t be processed, covered up, or forgotten. Some can cause unprecedented and irreparable damage to your self-esteem. Some say, Failure is the default. At least it propels you into action and helps you appreciate even the smallest of successes.

Today, she passionately pursues and advocates for the power of vulnerability, the lessons in failures, and the belief in collective wisdom. At the intersection of these three, is her Failure Project. (Link in comments)

Today, she writes her “anti-resumé”. She shares her failure stories.

From daily gaffes to late realizations, she shares how she royally failed in several pursuits and the lessons she learned. She hopes to find meaning in her failures, reinforce her learnings, and Open Source them for the benefit of all. Because one way to learn is from one’s own failures. Another way to learn is from one another’s failures.

Her hope is that together we can create a safe space to share our failures, laugh at them and learn from them.

On this International #DayOfTheGirl, she wants to say- “Failures are not to be shamed but named and tamed. Unfear failing!”

Why am I sharing? Because research says that 70% of girls feel different about their futures after hearing from women role models.
The #thislittlegirlisme campaign initiated by Inspiring Girls International to mark International Day of the Girl on October 11, 2021. (failed again! I’m a day late)


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