Contrary to my traditional yearly resolution themes (do, do and do..), something I had considered for this New Year was to “Undo”. Digital Undo included. Perhaps, thats why this article (Link in comments) was a serendipitious delight.

From rethinking (undoing?) your subscriptions to storage, MIT has interesting ideas for your New Year Resolutions, for a happier and safer (tech) life.

These include setting up MultiFactor authentication (as much as we detest the Authenticator in our lives), reconsidering your Amazon Prime subscription (reduce environmental footprint?), dealing with Inbox OCDs and distracting notifications etc.

That said, my favorite part of an article on New Year Tech Resolutions was the ironical reminder on a world outside tech. And in turn, a call to reform our relationship with tech itself.

“Once upon a time, people didn’t crane their necks over their phones, practicing that particular thumb flick of endlessly scrolling social media…When you deploy tech toward things that are important, it’s helpful. When you use it as a default distraction from unpleasant thoughts or experiences, it can become a problem.. So put the phone down and feel those emotions, even if they’re boredom, sadness, or anxiety. It might make you feel a bit more human again.”

Ok..ok..i’m on it. 😄

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