Responsible Search Engine AI

Overhearing a conversation between a friend and her daughter about a role play, at a kids party.

“Why do you always pick to play the nurse? Let’s try something else next time?”
“But girls play nurses and boys play doctors”
“Says who?!”
“Everyone (her friends)..”

After a couple of back and forth, the child asks to borrow the phone. Apparently, she’s decided to invoke the search engine gods. At this point, I am looking for a place to hide. I kind of guessed the results. Fortunately, I was wrong. Image search results returned not just one gender profile.

#ResponsibleAI in practice.
Good job Bing! Good job Google!

“If developers are writing the script for the future, that puts you, the developer, in the front seat of this larger conversation. Every line of code is a decision made by the developer. We are building the future out of those decisions.” ~Joel Spolsky, Founder of Stack Overflow

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