Plant AI

Recently, I started spotting little rots on my succulents. I’d bought it a couple of weeks back and had been warned about too much sunlight or too much water.

Serendipitous. Chanced upon this application called Plant AI.

The web app helps diagnose diseases in plants from plant images using Machine Learning available on the web. You can upload images of your plant leaves. It detects the plant’s diseases and also provides users with ways to treat the diagnosed disease. What a simple yet innovative concept!

As of now, the model supports 38 categories of healthy and unhealthy plant images across species and diseases. Succulents were not, unfortunately, on the list. But I did make an attempt anyhow!

Link to Full story and source code in comments

Excerpt on the inspiration behind the project-
“Human society needs to increase food production by an estimated 70% by 2050 to feed an expected population size that is predicted to be over 9 billion people. Currently, infectious diseases reduce the potential yield by an average of 40% with many farmers in the developing world experiencing yield losses as high as 100%.

The widespread distribution of smartphones among farmers around the world offers the potential of turning smartphones into a valuable tool for diverse communities growing food.

Our motivation with Plant AI is to aid crop growers by turning their smartphones into a diagnosis tool that could substantially increase crop yield and reduce crop failure. We also aim to make this rather easy for crop growers so the tool can be used on a daily basis.”

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