AI Office Attendance System

A tale of reimagining the Office Attendance system.

From fingerprint to facial recognition, quite a few approaches have been tried in the past. But particularly, after the Covid-19 outbreak and the mandated use of facemask in many countries, the experience had to be reconsidered.

“With the rising concerns about data privacy in facial recognition-based solutions and the need to devise a solution for markets like Middle East where the traditional facial recognition solutions fall short in user identification, #Azure Voice biometric solution has proven to be a secure, robust alternative.” -Source in comments

Powered by Microsoft Azure Cognitive Services, the system is not based on speaker identification but speaker verification. Cognitive Services provides Speech to Text (STT) service. The system detects human presence using a thermal sensor. The employee dictates their employee ID in front of a microphone. The audio sample is sent to STT to ‘fetch’ the employee ID. The app then records the user’s audio and buffers it, loads the user profile, then sends an audio sample to the Speech Recognition service for verification.

Wondering.. what else could we use this for?
E.g., Filling out leave requests when sick is no fun. Maybe, extend the voice systems to enable leave applications? Thoughts?

Image Credits: Microsoft

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