Life doesn’t always “Happen”

TV in the background: “Should Bear Grylls front flip or back flip from the helicopter?”

As I watch my kid struggling to keep Bear Grylls alive in the latest Netflix interactive, reality TV is giving me a refresher course on the power of choices.

We make the choices that make us. Or break us. Especially those that we make when we are challenged, scared, tempted, or forced to pick one when it looks like we have none.

Do we reflect on the bad choices that drive us or do we absolve ourselves with the excuse ‘Life Happens’. Do we give ourselves enough credit for the good choices we make or do we credit serendipity instead?

“Every breath is a choice. Every minute is a choice. To be or not to be.”

Investing 30 minutes daily for learning is a choice
Answering a random “Hi”, in between, is a choice
Taking a “Quick call?” when you can’t is a choice
Keeping a healthy posture when sitting, is a choice
Sitting, itself, is a choice

Remembering that we are a product of the choices we make is powerful. Especially when we make choices that impact others. When we are entrusted to make them, as Leaders.


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