Inclusion for Just One

The other day I was offered a tour of my 6yo’s new school. As the staff walked us through the corridoors, she paused before a room. As I read the sign on the door- “Braille class”, I looked at her curiously.

“We have a student who is blind. A teacher for the visually impaired comes in to teach Braille. We also have a speech therapist..”

I took that in- “a student who is blind..”

Previously, I’ve heard arguments around how the advancements in technology have created a myriad of new options e.g. why not just have the material Read Aloud? Tell me about it. My family, who believes I’ll go bankrupt buying books and bookshelves, has begged me to give Kindle a chance, to no avail. The joy of reading print is something else.

But what really got me was seeing how an inclusive culture truly accounted for every single one in the community. Does minority representation require to be justified by a minimum headcount to qualify for inclusionary practices?

As Gandhi said, a great measure for nations and civilizations is how its weekest is treated.
A good measure for workplace culture too?

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