Why it’s ok to Not Know

Have you been comfortable admitting “I Don’t Know”

Previously, I’ve struggled because I’ve felt that I needed to know the answers ..to provide the answers to those who trusted me with it- the people in my life. I didn’t want to disappoint. Until I realized that not embracing what IDK is faar more disappointing- for myself and others.

It stings for the 3 seconds you say it – much like the pain when ripping off a bandage. Thereafter, it’s liberation. Its not an excuse but an acknowledgement and most often includes an opportunity to move forward. E.g. In an interview, a candidate could say- “IDK but I will learn xyz”

Remember- when you say “I Dont Know”, you actually mean “I Don’t Know yet”

Lets embrace IDK and leave ourselves with the Hope to know than shut the doors on new possibilities.

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