Azure Story Explorer

Who doesn’t like a good story?
For a consultant, a compelling customer story is an ace of spades.

In the past I’ve travelled long miles online in search of good stories. When getting started on a new tech, when exploring capabilities of a service, when making a case to stakeholders etc.

If you can relate to the story hunting and if you work with #Azure– there’s good news. Azure Story Explorer is a webpage that you’d appreciate and maybe go “Where have you been?!”

Azure Story Explorer helps you discover published customer success stories and case studies for services of your interest. E.g., if you were looking to find out how customers have put to use Azure Data Factory or Azure IoT hub or Cosmos DB.

How’s this better than a search box?
In the Explorer, you can explore stories for a single service or a group of services. The interface clusters services into categories and is easy to use. And most of all, its an explorer. You cannot search for what you don’t know. The one page interface helps you explore and find new services that you may have not known before.

E.g., I learnt about a service called Microsoft Genomics, from the explorer. I also learnt that #Microsoft Genomics has accelerated research into pediatric disease for a major children’s hospital in my location (Children’s Mercy Kansas City) – thanks to the story explorer.

Kudos to Alexey Polkovnikov for a fantastic tool!

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