Alternatives to being a Genius

You don’t have to be a genius, to behave like one.
To behave like one, join a Scenius. If you’re here, maybe you already have!

Scenius taps into the intelligence of a whole group/ scene. Individuals who are a part of a scenius are inspired by like-minded peers and their environment to produce their best work. When in a scenius, you behave like a genius.

In a scenius, great ideas are not birthed by a genius but a group of creative individuals—an “ecology of talent”. Apparently many brilliant creatives we’ve considered as lone geniuses in the past “were actually part of a whole scene of people who were supporting each other, looking at each other’s work, copying from each other, stealing ideas, and contributing ideas.”

To be a part of a scenius does not require you to be a genius; its about what you have to contribute. What matters is the ideas you nurture, the quality of your connections, and the conversations you drive.

Believe it or not – we are a part of scenius. The Internet is the door to a million sceniuses – blogs, groups..LinkedIn! Your credentials or surname does not matter as much what you bring to the table. You are valued for what you contribute. The world is your canvas.

The only catch in a scenius- Ask not what you can get but what you can give? What value can you add?

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