Why I write (for myself)

I write.

I write words, code, video, audio.

Here’s why I write for myself.

  • Writing is my accountability partner for reading. I read for the sheer pleasure of learning (new ideas, perspectives, domains)- be it articles, blog posts, white papers etc. In that sense, I also read movies. And as I do, it’s impossible to not come across an idea that’s not shareable. I don’t believe in consumption for the mere sake of creation. But, if I don’t have anything to write about, it may well mean that I’m not reading enough.
  • Writing promotes thinking. As much as it promotes learning, writing powers thinking. It causes me to take a second look at and Think about the poems I read, the stories I hear, the adventures I go on etc.
  • Writing spurs creativity. I’ve picked up several new activities to serve my goal to become a better creator. From reviewing new technology to improve my productivity to learning new techniques, putting new systems in place etc. My most recent course was on Business Doodling. Even constraints breed creativity. Just the character limit on tweets has pushed me to refine and improve my choice of words.
  • Writing conserves keystrokes. This is an idea I picked from the world’s most okayest programmer Scott Hanselman. The thought that our keystrokes, like our days, are numbered, are finite is inspiration enough to spend them wisely. Read my post about it here.
  • Writing champions Learn it all -vs- Know it all. Writing builds the courage muscle. In my experience, the people who share on the internet may not necessarily be the smartest or brightest SMEs in their space. What they do possess, however, is the audacity to learn in full public view. It is not that they know it all but they have the Courage to learn in front of all.
  • When one is writing; several are learning. While others are hopefully taking away a thing or two from my writing, it helps me too. One, as I articulate my thoughts into writings, it reinforces my own learning. Two, I learn from my audience’s comments on my post or the questions they ask. Writing gives me one more chance at learning. Writing as an investment beats inflation.
  • Writing helps put things in perspective. My blog is my public diary of daily learnings. When I look back at some of my earliest posts – as much as I cringe at my writing, I pat myself on the back for the progress. It helps one stay grounded in success and look back for strength in despair.
  • Writing promotes self expression. Writing has inculcated a sense of discipline. It is a motivation for introspection and a canvas to unleash my creativity. In writing, I have unraveled the innate human passion to express oneself. Not to be heard or appreciated or applauded (those are added benefits) but the sheer need to express oneself. When you express yourself, you express the moments that make up life. You flow.
  • Writing one’s history is best done by oneself . My children enjoy their grandma’s stories. Sometimes, I wish my mum had a blog they could read, to understand the world of her ages. We’re curious of the paths she treaded- her struggles and victories. As I document my learnings, my thoughts, my ideas and my work, I hope to leave behind the memories I have created. No one can write my history better than me.

From building a personal brand to creating second finance lanes, there can be various reasons why people write. As in all cases, your personal Why is important; not just to your success but also to the sustenance of writing. Identifying your Why will be critical. It is what distinguishes one who can write and one who cannot not write.

What’s your why? Why do you write?

4 thoughts on “Why I write (for myself)

Add yours

  1. I write so that my mind gets decluttered. At the times there are too many thoughts and it gets suffocated. So when words are put down somewhere even in a private space brings me relaxation. Also writing is relaxing, it is to express our weirdest ideas and thoughts. As you said it depends on people and the situations.

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    1. Thats so true Shaba! Writing is meditation. It makes a lot of sense when you can see your thoughts, than just have them replayed in your mind over and over again. Improved clarity is definitely one of the benefits. Thank you for sharing your thoughts

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