Faith or Trust

What do we need on the team – Faith or Trust?

Is it one and the same thing?

Faith is not evidence based. Trust is. For the same reason, faith cannot be explained while trust, usually an outcome of faith, is conscious. Faith is belief based and trust is action based.

E.g. When the pandemic forced organizations to go remote, many never had a precedence with #remotework. Yet they transformed their businesses almost over night. They assured their customers of business as usual. Because they had Faith in their teams.

Over the course of the past one year, the teams continued to keep up their promises and delivered on commitments. The data backed the company’s belief and faith in them. Trust grew.

So, what do we need on the team – Faith or Trust or both?

As rational individuals who appreciate fact based and evidence supported actions, Trust may seem all encompassing. But sometimes, especially in unprecedented times, we may need to take that leap of faith. We have reason to believe even when we haven’t seen anything.

Again, as wonderful as faith maybe, trust is equally important. Trust takes time to build. Faith will help you get started. As Martin Luther King, Jr. said, Faith is taking the first step even when you don’t see the whole staircase. But trust will move the needle. How far you go and how long you go will depend on trust.

Keep Faith. Build Trust.


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