Being a billboard

It was the 1970 World Cup quarter final match between Brazil and Peru. Pelé walked out into the middle of the field. He asked the officials for time so he could tie his shoes. Millions of people around the globe watched as he bent down and caught hold of the laces.

As the cameras zoomed in-a silent message made its way to the global television audience – Pelé, the greatest player of all time, wore Puma sneakers. Puma’s unmistakable thick curved stripes aired primetime.

Call it shrewd marketing play by Puma but a couple of lessons in #communication, especially for #leadership

  • Communication is an art. Be creative. Be bold.
  • Timing is more important than the actual time. The right seconds count more than the number.
  • Actions speak louder than words. (re: nonverbal -vs – verbal)
  • Visibility, in itself, is a form of communication. Even when you stand still, you don’t cease to communicate.

You are a walking billboard of the ideas, values and messages you believe in. Whom will you quote? Whose voice will you amplify? What message will you re-share? What thought will you endorse?

What do you want the world to see when you show up on the field today?


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