The Power of Vulnerable Leadership

A Leader is judged not only during a crisis. A Leader faces the test every single day. Reminds me of the surprise tests at school. Can’t complain of the out of syllabus questions. Can’t google for answers.

Traditionally, leaders faced the constant pressure of being right. They felt judged for what they thought, said and did. More so, for all that they didn’t, as well.

Years back, in what was one of my first leadership talks, I spoke of the Power of Vulnerable Leadership. Back then, it was an intriguing idea that caught my attention (and the audience’s)

The pandemic gave me the opportunity to live my talk track; in the most humbling ways, I wouldn’t have asked for otherwise. Phrases that found it’s way to my vocabulary included

  • “I don’t know”
  • “I’m not sure”
  • “I failed”
  • “I’m sorry I took that for granted”

Of course it was embarrassing! But when a hurt ego is the least of the problems one has to endure and a peaceful sleep topped the priority charts – it was easier.

They say that the pandemic reminded us human beings of being humans. Leaders were not excluded. Reiterates- You can never be a better leader than the human within.

The courage to show up in the midst of a messy world, despite your fear, shame and insecurity, is a Superpower for the (now) masked office crusaders (aka leaders).

Link to the Presentation:

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