Project Management for kids

Back to school!! 🏫🤩

This time to discuss, with about 80 high school students, how to Manage Life’s Projects, through Project Management methodologies. Personally, this was a very special session for me. I am of the belief that Project Management is not just for PMs. It’s an enabling life skill.

Many schools introduce project work early on. My daughter did one in kindergarten! Students are told What the project is, not necessarily How to go about it. In a project-based learning curriculum, Project Management is a skill that must be taught to students. Today’s generation faces enormous challenges from global warming to epidemics. These cannot be solved without effective, global, human collaboration and innovation. From learning how to meet make a plan, stick to it, assess risks, respond to change, make the best use of time and money to solve global problems, Project Management skills will empower them!

Project management practitioners and chapters are uniquely experienced to help mentor the next generation, to equip them with the skills and tools to effectively collaborate and achieve project success.

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