Parenthood : #1 Leadership Academy

In 2009, I enrolled at one of the best Leadership Academies in the world. Parenthood. ✨

📖 Core courses:
Time management, Art of giving/ receiving feedback, Coaching, Active listening, Persuasion skills, Communication skills, Delegation, Conflict Resolution, Negotiation, Ethical practice, Critical thinking and Problem Solving, Rewards and Recognition

📚 Electives:
Self awareness, Flexibility, Creativity, Alignment to vision, Innovation, Change management, Bench management (lockdown elective 😉)

👩‍🎓 As new courses get added by the month, I don’t see my graduation in sight. Here’s to all those on this loong, enlightening and fulfilling journey. 🙌

Parents, what else have you learnt at this university? What’s been your favorite subject? 😊


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