Flaunting failures

Isn’t it interesting how Handling Failures was not a part of our formal curriculum, at any stage.
No Udemy courses.
No workshops.
No NY Times bestsellers.
Yet, so crucial to personal and professional success.

Here’s whipping up a personal plan on how to handle a failure-

Admit it.
Accept it.
Acknowledge it.
Accomodate it.
Address it by name. (Say it aloud)

Arrange a seat at the table for it. (May raise eyebrows)
Ask not what you can do for it but what it can do for you.
Agree to christen it as a Learning.

Allow it not to define you.
Associate with it only to inspire others.

Allow not your failure to be used against you.
Get to your failures before the world does.
The wise own their failures.
The fearless flaunt theirs.

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