DEAR framework for Meetings

Amidst all the bad press surrounding workplace meetings, there are certain scenarios in which a meeting is the better, if not the best option. 

I created a simple framework to help me decide when I should have a meeting. I call it π——π—˜π—”π—₯ 😊

The key is to review every meeting invite and ask 4 questions; to find out if it’s DEAR.

1. Does the meeting 𝗗rive decisions through the Exchange of Information? Are opinions, recommendations, ideas, perspectives to be solicited and shared? #SaveEffort πŸ’‘
e.g. brainstorming sessions

2. Is the π—˜ssence of the message better conveyed in a meeting? Is a meeting not just an effective but efficient ? #SaveEnergy βš‘
e.g. conflict resolution

3. Would a meeting achieve more 𝗔gile results when compared to other options? (chat, email, etc.) #SaveTime πŸ•’

4. Does the meeting build trust and togetherness in π—₯elationships? πŸ‘‹
Only 7% of communication is spoken. The other 93% is made up of tone (38%) and body language (55%) #SaveWords
e.g. One on One interactions, Team celebrations 

If atleast one of the answers is Yesβœ”οΈ, a meeting is perhaps the best option.


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