Using Enterprise Chatbots to Transform Work Culture

Customer care AI chatbots like website chat windows and interactive phone system auto attendants have become mainstream solutions for transforming the customer experience. However, implementing chatbots for internal use is a growing trend in comprehensive digital strategies that strive to enable a modern business culture of agility, creativity and innovation. Corporates investing in these internal chatbots are betting on them as a major asset in empowering employees and here are a few reasons why.

Chatbots Leverage Existing Workflows and Infrastructure

Most companies can already boast a well-embraced suite of enterprise communication products and when used properly, chatbots serve to supplement and enhance these existing communication channels. Appropriately deploying AI chatbots to systems you already use to engage and empower employees such as Skype for Business and Microsoft Teams, allows employees to leverage AI from within those existing authenticated enterprise applications. This saves employees the time and frustration of switching between applications and eliminates the learning curve that typically comes with a new tool.

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